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Chapter 1308 Endless Nightmare

  • If it were before, Xiao Long would stay away from wealthy and snobbish guys like Chen Fei because people like him would have powerful families to back him up, and those who offended him were only digging their own graves.
  • Xiao Long knew that many had been ruined because of offending Chen Fei for stupid reasons, and that man was notorious for being a cruel character in Yun City.
  • But now, Xiao Long wasn’t even afraid of him.
  • To him, Chen Fei would be the one seeking his own destruction if he tried to make trouble for Han Jingru.
  • “Hahaha! What a joke! If Chen Fei is really up to this idea, I think you’d better tell him to call it off to secure their family’s position in Yun City. Otherwise, he and the entire Chen family would be beyond redemption.”
  • After hearing those words, the gangsters couldn’t help bursting into laughter.
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