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Chapter 1305 Interested In Shuirou

  • Tian Honghui disparaged Han Jingru as he did not know him at all. However, he couldn’t underestimate that middle-aged man as he was an essential contributor to the Tian family’s development.
  • It was that man who helped the Tian family achieve their status today.
  • But if such a figure would need to kneel before Han Jingru for his life, he now understood Han Jingru’s ability.
  • Nonetheless, it was hard for him to accept the fact that a kid would have such shocking capabilities, and he wondered about his background.
  • “Dad, do you know what kind of person Han Jingru is?” Tian Honghui asked cautiously.
  • Tian Jingshuo looked helpless. There would not be as much trouble if he knew everything. It was a pity that he couldn’t find out more about Han Jingru and didn’t dare to investigate him either as he himself was scared that the boy would be dissatisfied if he found out.
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