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Chapter 1302 Early Arrival

  • When Tian Honghui reached home early, he saw that Tian Jingshuo had employed a few famous chefs to prepare the meal and was supervising in the kitchen himself. This made him even more curious about the mysterious guest as the Tian family had never before treated anyone in such a grand manner, and it confirmed the guest’s importance.
  • But is there really anyone left in Yun City who was worthy enough to the Tian family?
  • “Girl, do you know who will be coming tonight?” Tian Honghui asked Tian Shuirou, who was watching television.
  • She smiled and answered, “My big brother.”
  • “Big brother?” Tian Honghui was surprised. When did she have a big brother?
  • “Why didn’t I know that you have a big brother?” Tian Honghui questioned curiously.
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