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Chapter 1300 Home

  • “Shuirou, you’re being rude here,” Tian Jingshuo reprimanded her. He knew he could not restrain his granddaughter, but he had not expected her to talk to Han Jingru using that tone.
  • Even though Han Jingru looked like a normal teen and did not appear intimidating at all, Tian Jingshuo knew for a fact that this boy had the ability to turn the Tian family upside down. After all, even that person had to kneel before this boy.
  • On the other hand, Tian Shuirou could not care less about what her grandfather was thinking. She had never been afraid of him anyway.
  • Approaching Han Jingru, she eyeballed him for quite some time before asking, “So, what are you good at?”
  • Tian Jingshuo could feel a chill down his spine listening to her. Not even that man, much less me, dares to talk to Han Jingru like this.
  • However, it was too late to stop her, so all he could do was pray hard that Han Jingru would not be offended.
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