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Chapter 130 Stepping Stone

  • After Han Jingru’s help, the cremation was done in time and on the auspicious date. However, the Su family did not thank Han Jingru for that but they ended up hating him even more.
  • Especially Su Ruijin, he felt that Han Jingru had humiliated him, and he hated Han Jingru even more.
  • Few days later, the Su family matters came to an end and it didn’t cause much of a ripple in Yun City. After all, Madam Su wasn’t much of a deal in the city.
  • That morning, before Han Jingru got out from the bed, his phone started ringing without stop.
  • “Why are you still in bed? Have you forgotten what is happening today?” Tian Shuirou asked anxiously.
  • Han Jingru forced his eyes open and looked at the time. After that, he hung up right away.
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