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Chapter 1288 Did Not Know He Was The Boss

  • Without thinking much, Xiao Long, who was almost drunk, walked towards the young men. I really pity Boss as he has been seated here for the whole night. Finally, there are women who aroused his interest! As his faithful follower, of course I’ll try my best to fulfill his request.
  • Han Jingru touched the tip of his nose unknowingly. Hopefully, this guy will not be beaten up too badly later.
  • Once Xiao Long was at the corner where the young men were seated, he said directly to the young girls, “My boss likes all of you; follow me to go and see him.”
  • Instantaneously, the few young men raised their heads and glared at Xiao Long in annoyance. Is he out of his mind? How dare he challenge us by snatching away our women!
  • “Kid, get lost. Don’t dig your own grave here even if you have a death wish!” mocked one of the young men.
  • With Han Jingru’s support, Xiao Long had no fear of anything. Thus, he could not hold back his displeasure when he was being reprimanded.
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