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Chapter 1284 I Will Always Be Around

  • “Can’t you see that I’m not even old enough to drive? Won’t it be embarrassing for you to follow me around?” His crew in the future would consist of men of the likes of Mo Lan. He could not see how these young ruffians could be useful to him.
  • Xiao Long nodded profusely. He did not mind Han Jingru’s age as his martial prowess was already far beyond his years, surpassing that of even most adults.
  • “It’s fine. You are so good enough that you would definitely become someone who could make a name for yourself in Yun City,” he said.
  • If nothing else, Xiao Long had a good eye, as Han Jingru was once someone who went from a notorious good-for-nothing to one who took the city by storm.
  • Han Jingru was no longer interested in chasing wealth and respect. He hoped to be able to focus his energies on Su Yimo instead.
  • Certainly, he was aware that it would be impossible to refrain from severing all ties to elements of the underworld. There would come a time when he would have a need to call on those who operate on the fringes.
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