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Chapter 1266 At Sea

  • “You returned earlier than I expected,” Yan Qiong remarked to Han Xiuzhi.
  • Han Xiuzhi smiled wryly. From Yan Qiong’s response, Han Xiuzhi could gather that he was expecting him.
  • What Yan Qiong didn’t know was that Han Xiuzhi never thought he could leave Terra Prison.
  • “Do you know that the Nangong family’s Terra Prison is considered oblivion? Anyone who goes there doesn’t return alive,” Han Xiuzhi explained.
  • “I know, but I had faith that you will definitely return. And lo and behold, here you are.” Yan Qiong replied with a smile.
  • Han Xiuzhi shook his head. The reason he was able to come back alive was not his own doing and had something to do with Han Jingru. He knew that if it weren’t for his grandson, there was no way Nangong Boling would release him.
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