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Chapter 1247 You Are The Devil

  • When a smile grew on Han Jingru’s lips, fear started creeping into Ting Han’s heart. At that moment, he recalled the last time that he had gone up against Han Jingru.
  • Back then, if it were not for Han Jingru letting him go, he would be nothing but a corpse by now.
  • That incident had been a humiliation like never before for Ting Han and that was the reason that he had wanted Han Jingru dead.
  • However, instead of getting on his knees and begging for him to spare his life, Han Jingru remained as arrogant as usual. His actions merely served to further infuriate Ting Han.
  • “Han Jingru, do you really think of yourself as a god? If so, I’d like to see if a bullet can harm a god.” With that said, Ting Han clenched his jaw and pulled the trigger. Other than wanting to teach Han Jingru a lesson, Ting Han also wanted to boost his confidence; when he saw Han Jingru’s smile, fear had started to conquer his heart and he wanted it to stop in its track.
  • Bang!
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