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Chapter 1232 Lustful Intentions

  • To Han Jingru’s surprise, Shi Yan did not overthink at all. In fact, her smile widened further when she heard that.
  • “Mom, did you truly think that I liked men?” Han Jingru queried with a disgusted expression. The only plausible explanation to Shi Yan’s reaction was that she had possibly misunderstood that her son was gay.
  • “Of course not. I will never think that way. Come on, I’m bringing you over to meet my classmates,” Shi Yan chirped while taking his arm in hers.
  • Han Jingru could not help but sigh helplessly. He merely rejected some women, and now, his mother was thinking that he was gay instead. He didn’t expect such a misunderstanding to arise.
  • They soon arrived at Scenic Hall; it was the cheapest banquet hall that was available in Dragonlake Resort. This was the hall of choice for people who could not afford lavish expenditures. Such people would merely want to go beyond their means to impress others, keeping up with their so-called rich appearance by hosting a banquet in Dragonlake Resort.
  • From afar, Han Jingru spotted a beer-bellied man with signs of balding standing by the hall’s entrance. Beside him stood a woman in a figure-fitting dress; she was wearing excessive makeup and she was evidently a mistress to this man.
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