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Chapter 1221 Living Under A Rock

  • According to Han Jingru’s understanding of Apocalypse, there should be nothing left unknown to him. Thus, Han Jingru had reservations about Nangong Boling’s words.
  • When he gave Nangong Boling a suspicious look, Nangong Boling understood his doubts immediately and continued, “Rest assured. I’m certainly not setting you up. Perhaps when you see it, you’ll know more about Apocalypse.”
  • Han Jingru had attained a profound level of interpreting others’ facial expressions. He could tell if a person was lying or not just by observing his or her countenance. As with Nangong Boling’s current expression, there was not a trace of deception.
  • More importantly, even if there was indeed a trap set up by Nangong Boling for him, Han Jingru was totally fearless. Nothing on Earth could pose any threat to him.
  • “Alright, I trust you. I’ll pay a visit to the Nangong family.” Han Jingru replied.
  • “Well then, can you tell me about Apocalypse now? What is your status at Apocalypse?” Nangong Boling asked. Even though he believed that Han Jingru was a core member at Apocalypse, he wasn’t able to determine his standing or capabilities in the community.
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