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Chapter 1220 A Life For A Life

  • If it were someone else who said that, Nangong Boling would think their confidence was arrogance. He was one of the selected few who knew about Terra Prison, and he knew how powerful someone must be to know about that.
  • However, Nangong Boling didn’t have any of those thoughts when Han Jingru said that. The boy knew too much about Nangong family and himself. That alone was incredible to him.
  • Terra Prison is Nangong family’s top-secret, but still, he knows about it. This boy is more than meets the eye. Nangong Boling took a deep breath. From that moment on, he didn’t see Han Jingru as a child anymore, but a rival on equal footing with him. If he were to underestimate Han Jingru, a terrible price would be paid.
  • “I know you why you place your pieces around the world, and why you created Terra Prison. It’s all for Apocalypse, but it’s just a waste of time, energy, and money,” Han Jingru continued.
  • “Why?” Nangong Boling asked.
  • “Apocalypse is something out of this world. It’s impossible to find them no matter what you do. The only way to see them is when they want you to.”
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