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Chapter 1216 Meaning Of A Fighter

  • Han Jingru was flabbergasted by the overexcited welcoming committee. He didn’t know anyone in the audience seats, but the feeling was familiar. The same kind of people screamed and cheered when Yan Bingfeng made his appearance. The women were gazing at Yan Bingfeng as if they wanted to gobble him up.
  • But that was in the past. What was of the cheers for Yan Bingfeng became cheers for Han Jingru.
  • “I think they might be Yan Bingfeng’s fans just a short while back. Wow, didn’t take much for them to change.” Han Jingru was amused. These fans aren’t loyal. They can change at the flip of a switch. I can still remember them cheering for Yan Bingfeng in the last match.
  • On the other hand, Shi Yan was beaming. She loved it when everyone was idolizing her son. Maybe I can get Jingru a wife among the ladies here. ”Why? Aren’t you happy?” Shi Yan asked.
  • Han Jingru shook his head dismissively. “Why should I be? Not like their cheers can help me win.”
  • Shi Yan rolled her eyes. Han Jingru was mature beyond his age, and he knew a lot, but one thing that irked her was his ineptitude in relationships. Most men would kill to get the cheers from the women, but Han Jingru shrugged them off.
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