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Chapter 1209 You Are The Best

  • Mo Yu’s mother had no idea what she could do to pacify Han Jingru, so she had no choice but to fall back on the traditional methods.
  • However, Mo Yu was a spoiled brat thanks to Mo Yanshang’s mollycoddling, and her parents dared not oppose her. No one but Mo Yanshang could criticize her without her throwing a temper tantrum.
  • In other words, Mo Yanshang had ruined Mo Yu’s personality, and Mo Yu’s mother had missed out on every opportunity to properly discipline her.
  • The best way to discipline a child was to give them a good beating, and Mo Yu’s mother knew that.
  • She walked over to Mo Yu’s side and slapped her across the face without hesitating for even a second.
  • That was the first time anyone had assaulted Mo Yu, and she was beyond shocked. She would have run to Mo Yanshang while bawling her eyes out if this had happened earlier, but things were vastly different this time around. Mistakes were made, and she must be punished for them.
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