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Chapter 1200 A Gem And A Piece Of Junk

  • “In my humble opinion, you really need to teach him a lesson, or you’ll never gain his respect!” Nangong Shuxian sounded eerily excited as she made the proposition to Nangong Boling. She could not be happier about Nangong Boling being angry with Han Jingru.
  • However, Nangong Boling was not someone who would be caught up in his emotions and act rashly. He had plans to carry out. Until he found out about Han Jingru’s connection to Apocalypse, he would not lay a finger on him.
  • “Nangong Shuxian, you think you can manipulate me into doing what you want?” Nangong Boling demanded.
  • Nangong Shuxian dared not even stare into his eyes. She was just a nobody in the Nangong family. Powerless and afraid, there was no way that she would admit to such a statement.
  • No matter how Nangong Shuxian might act toward others, she was a complete coward in front of Nangong Boling.
  • “I’m not trying to say that. Please, I didn’t mean that at all. I just think that Han Jingru needs to learn to respect you more,” she mumbled with her head low.
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