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Chapter 119 Foolishness

  • It was the same room but this time round, Wang Mao gave his very best. That was the match to regain his pride. He must win against Han Jingru to save his reputation in the Go chess societies.
  • Although no one knew about his loss, it was a huge blow to Wang Mao’s confidence. The reason was that Han Jingru was simply too young. He was so young that Wang Mao couldn’t believe he can be that good.
  • “Now my master will be getting serious. You better be careful and don't blame us for not giving you a heads up.” Xie Fei stood behind Wang Mao and snickered at Han Jingru.
  • Han Jingru simply nodded. he changed into a serious demeanor and he had already immersed himself into the game.
  • They were thirty-eight lines of intersection and three hundred and sixty-one points. The moment they held the chess piece, it wasn’t a game anymore but war.
  • Xie Fei didn’t even bother to watch their play. In his opinion, the result was just obvious and the process wasn’t important.
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