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Chapter 1189 She Will Understand

  • The way Shi Yan treated Han Jingru had changed drastically. Without Nangong Shuxian’s influence, Shi Yan had been acting more and more like any mom. That proved that she never truly discriminated against Han Jingru.
  • Naturally, that was actually quite obvious early on. When Shi Yan moved to the villa in Genting, she regained her composure and found her way to act like a normal mother once more.
  • Han Jingru no longer needed to keep any secrets from Nangong Shuxian, so it was only natural for him to find a nicer place to move into. That was why Han Jingru listed his requirements when he called Qin Fu. He requested for a quiet and spacious place.
  • Qin Fu didn’t dare to delay or procrastinate on the tasks assigned by Han Jingru. The former quickly found a villa that matched Han Jingru’s requirements. The villa in question wasn’t one of the best ones in Yan City, but they could move in immediately, and that would save Han Jingru a lot of time.
  • After learning the new place’s address, Han Jingru and Shi Yan began packing their things.
  • They didn’t actually have much to pack. All they needed to take was some clothes, so they didn’t spend much time on them.
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