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Chapter 1177 What Are You Doing

  • There were reasons for Zhong Changqiu to look down on Han Jingru. Other than the fact that Han Jingru was young, he was a powerful man himself.
  • Every location in the Nangong family’s house that was similar to Terra Prison was managed by Zhong Changqiu. That itself was more than enough to show how great a man he was.
  • “Stop wasting my time and start moving,” Zhong Changqiu commanded.
  • Nangong Shuxian nodded confidently.
  • As he was someone from the Nangong family, he was definitely someone powerful. That was why she was not the least bit worried.
  • At the same time, Nangong Shuxian had already investigated Han Jingru’s residence. After all, she was planning to go up against her grandson secretly. It would be foolish of her if she did not even know where he was living.
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