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Chapter 1170 Barging Into The Mo Residence

  • After Han Jingru and Yang Wanlin met, they headed directly to the Mo residence.
  • Yang Wanlin, who was driving, studied Han Jingru from the corner of his eye. He noticed visible worry on Han Jingru’s face, and he could not help but be puzzled by the matter of Han Jingru’s concern.
  • After Han Jingru left the Han family, all ties with them were severed. Hence, the events of today would have nothing to do with the Han family. Yang Wanlin could not figure out what could be treated so seriously by Han Jingru.
  • “Penny for your thoughts, Jingru. What’s going on?” Yang Wanlin asked, unable to restrain himself.
  • The entire story was too convoluted to tell. Besides, no one would believe him even if he did say. Han Jingru casually replied, “My friend is in trouble and it has something to do with the Mo family. All you need to do is take me there. Whether you choose to take part in the events that follow is up to you.”
  • Yang Wanlin knew what Han Jingru meant. If the Yang family is unwilling to offend the Mo family, I can completely wash my hands off this matter.
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