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Chapter 1165 Daughter In Law

  • Shi Yan remained in a daze for a long time. Despite having heard Wu Xin loud and clear, she didn’t know how to reply due to the shock caused by what had just happened. It was as though she had just encountered a magnitude twelve earthquake.
  • Shi Yan had never expected Han Jingru to be this powerful. He might be able to make it far in this Martial Arts Summit. At the moment, the woman couldn’t help but wonder if what Nangong Shuxian had said before was true.
  • Is Han Jingru really unworthy of being a member of the Han family?
  • With his abilities, isn’t he more powerful than Han Yu? Doesn’t that make him more eligible to head the family?
  • “Did you see that, Nangong Shuxian? Are you regretting it now?” Shi Yan muttered to herself.
  • Meanwhile, Han Jingru watched as the judge stared at him wide-eyed. “Aren’t you going to declare the winner?” he asked in frustration.
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