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Chapter 1162 Kneel Down And Apologize To My Mom

  • Shi Yan immediately turned frigid upon hearing those words. As a mature woman who had once joined all sorts of occasions alongside Han Ying, she had heard of many similar instances—both explicit and implicit—and naturally knew what Chen Shao was thinking.
  • “Who are your parents?” Shi Yan asked sternly.
  • There was a rather large disparity between Chen Shao’s family in Yan City and top-tier prominent families as well as the Three Major Families, so hearing Shi Yan question him this way made Chen Shao tense up. He quickly remembered where he was now; no ordinary folk could ever show up here. This pretty lady could be from a prominent family.
  • Unclear of who he was dealing with, Chen Shao dared not go overboard with his words. Instead, he asked in return, “And who are you?”
  • Shi Yan may have already left the Han family, but she figured that a little name-dropping could possibly help get her out of her current predicament. “I’m Shi Yan from the Han family.”
  • The Han family?
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