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Chapter 1161 More Troubles

  • Li Maomao quickly grabbed her hand. Pretending that nothing had happened, she protested, “Didn’t you agree to accompany me? How can you leave just like that? We haven’t even watched the competition yet.”
  • With Li Maomao clinging onto her arm so tightly, she knew that this was bad news.
  • Li Maomao knew a lot of wealthy heirs. Wu Xin also knew that she had always dreamed of marrying into a rich family, which was why she used any means possible to befriend other rich guys. As her best friend, Wu Xin was naturally aware of the methods she had employed just to get close to them.
  • Although she personally found those methods shameless, that was Li Maomao’s prerogative. After several failed attempts to convince her otherwise, she stopped caring about her personal affairs.
  • However, she had a bad feeling today. It seemed like Li Maomao deliberately brought her along because she had struck a deal with Chen Shao. She could sense that just from looking at his gaze.
  • “Just keep me company, okay? We’ll go home after watching the competition,” pleaded Li Maomao like a spoilt child as she swayed Wu Xin’s arm.
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