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Chapter 1144 Willingly

  • “Call Nangong Shuxian and tell her to have Han Jingru show himself if she wants to save this piece of trash.” Yang Bin instructed Yang Wanlin after some thought.
  • Yang Bin was still unsure of what Han Jingru’s plan was, so he could only help the boy in his own way. Of course, It was after careful considerations that he decided to do this. After all, a sly old fox like him would not make any decision if he were not at least half sure.
  • As instructed, Yang Wanlin immediately took his phone out.
  • Meanwhile, Nangong Shuxian was waiting for Han Yu to bring home the good news. She even thought of which domain the Han family should start with. As long as they could get their business resources back, it was only a matter of time before the Hans returned to the top. And now with the Yangs at their side, they could only get stronger.
  • Nangong Shuxian even started to imagine that the Han family would be as powerful as the Three Major Families under Han Yu’s leadership.
  • Suddenly, her phone rang, and she was brought back to reality.
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