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Chapter 1141 His Will

  • From Yang Bin’s perspective, the Han family is incapable of controlling Han Jingru. The strongest among them was Yan Qiong, who also happened to be close with Song Yun.
  • In fact, he had discussed the matter with Song Yun before, and the latter made a remark that was seared into Yang Bin’s memory.
  • Song Yun told him that even if he and Yan Qiong took on Han Jingru together, they would still be unable to beat him.
  • With such power, how is it possible for the Han family to keep him captive?
  • Therefore, if something did happen, it must be because Han Jingru didn’t resist.
  • Nevertheless, Yang Wanlin still found it strange as to why Han Jingru would willingly let himself be imprisoned given how strong he was. It just didn’t make sense for him to voluntarily give up his freedom.
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