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Chapter 114 You Should Divorce Him

  • The old Madam’s hand was trembling as she held the invitation card. After the middle-aged men left, she still couldn’t calm herself down.
  • In the past, the Su family needed to humble themselves lowly but they couldn’t even get a chance to participate in the celebration.
  • But right now, even the Tian family came personally to deliver the invitation card. That was a huge breakthrough for the Su family.
  • “The Su family is finally rising! We are rising!” The old Madam said in elation.
  • “Grandma, let’s hurry and check on the requirements.” Su Ruijin was excited as well. As the young master of a second tier family, whenever he was fooling around outside and met those from the first tier family, he needed to assume a lowly position. Even if he were to be the first in some private room, as long as those young master’s from the first tier ask him to leave, he had no choice but to concede.
  • However, right now Su Ruijin finally saw hope that he could rise to be a first tier young master. Who dares to make him bow after this?
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