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Chapter 1125 I Want A Car

  • On the day of the Chamber of Commerce banquet, Nangong Shuxian woke up very early in the morning to get prepared. This banquet of the year meant a lot to the Han family. Since the Han family was gradually losing their power, she had to think of ways to help the Han family stand firm on their feet again. She could use this opportunity to build and cultivate potential allies in the hope to use their influence to help restore the family.
  • She had looked forward to this day since long ago; thus, she would not want anything unexpected to happen.
  • It was not even eight o’clock when she was all dressed up. After that, Nangong Shuxian went to Han Yu’s room.
  • As the most highly valued person among the younger generation of the Han family, Han Yu played a very important role in the banquet. She needed to let everyone know that even when Han Xiuzhi was not with them anymore, there was still some who could support the family from now on.
  • Han Yu was still sleeping. He was extremely spoiled to the extent that he would wake up naturally and go to school anytime he wanted. The school had even granted him special treatment. Therefore, he would not get punished no matter how late he showed up in school.
  • Usually, Nangong Shuxian would not disturb him, but that day was a special day. So, she had to wake him up.
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