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Chapter 1120 I Abandoned My Family

  • If Han Jingru possessed such strong power, he would be an individual worthy of Yang Bin’s acquaintance. Hence, it would not matter if he were not a Platinum rank fighter from the Apocalypse.
  • All the while, Yang Bin only made friends with those who were beneficial to him. Thus, Han Jingru’s young age was irrelevant in this case.
  • “Han Jingru sounds like a pretty impressive young man. However, why would he be deemed as a good-for-nothing?” Yang Bin was stupefied. His capabilities are to be cherished. How can the Han family neglect a young man of such caliber?
  • “Regarding this, I have some insider information.” Knowing the absurdity of the reason behind it, Song Yun smiled bitterly.
  • Song Yun and Yan Qiong shared a deep bond. When the two gathered together, they would talk about many things. Consequently, he was able to obtain some insider information regarding Han Jingru from Yan Qiong.
  • Song Yun thought it was normal at first. After all, Nangong Shuxian was looking for a capable successor for the Han family. It didn’t matter as to who would eventually hold the position.
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