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Chapter 1114 A Storm Is Coming

  • Both Zhou Dingshan and the young woman began to rub at their eyes furiously, convinced that it was all an illusion. To them, there was no way a kid like Han Jingru would be able to defeat twenty people at once.
  • However, nothing changed, and they had no choice but to accept the truth.
  • On the other hand, Han Jingru’s patience was running thin. He decided to switch from defensive to the offensive, and the twenty henchmen were once again subjected to a harsh beating.
  • Within just one minute, the twenty henchmen were all thrown onto the ground, their pained groans echoing around the street.
  • Zhou Dingshan stared at the scene before him in disbelief, his heart rate speeding up.
  • “What in the world?” he bellowed, his voice trembling. He had seen hundreds of capable fighters, but none of them have had such a profound impact on him before.
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