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Chapter 1105 The Aura Of A Monster

  • A man came forward with a smug look on his face. Before he could attack, Han Jingru struck his leg out swiftly, knocked him off his feet, and slammed the man against the wall.
  • A loud thud echoed throughout the abandoned factory. Everyone was stunned.
  • The countermove was executed so swiftly that no one saw it coming.
  • Mo Lan looked at his subordinate, who was lying face down on the ground. “Don’t bother. He’s dead,” said Han Jingru.
  • Dead? Mo Lan was taken by surprise, but he didn’t buy it.
  • He signaled for someone to check. One man walked over to feel the fallen man’s breath. Looking puzzled, the former glanced up at his boss and nodded.
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