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Chapter 110 Scandalous Woman 

  • Surprise?
  • Han Jingru was praying hard that it wouldn’t be some kind of shock. After all, Tian Shuirou was just a mystery. Who knew what she would do?
  • When Han Jingru reached home, he saw that Ho Ting was the only one cleaning the house and everyone else went back to their respective rooms to rest. Han Jingru chatted with her and went back his own room as well.
  • Early the next morning, he woke up punctually at six o’clock. However, Su Yimo didn’t want him to jog together with her and Han Jingru didn’t get off the bed. The man slept in until almost 9 o’clock. When he heard some rustling outside the mansion, he got up and got dressed.
  • Outside the mansion, there was a red Lamborghini and also a man standing beside it.
  • It was weekend and Su Yimo didn’t go to work. The family of three looked at the Lamborghini and they were confused. Especially Jiang Yan. The mother’s eyes were fervent and she was just longing to have a car like that to herself.
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