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Chapter 1095 I Have Already Decided

  • Yao Hanxing was clearly aware of the danger he was in. Otherwise, given his arrogance and bossiness, he would never be content to hide at home all day. As such, he was extremely reluctant to place his hopes on a brat like Han Jingru.
  • Besides, Yao Hanxing had heard quite a bit about Han Jingru. Even though he was the young master of the Han family, his status was even lower than a servant. All along, Han Yu had been the only one representing the Han family at any important functions where Han Jingru was never even given a single chance.
  • If he were indeed as powerful as he claimed to be, why would the Han family not take him seriously?
  • Without replying to his son, Yao Yuhai poured a bucket of cold water over the bodyguard’s head.
  • The sensation of the cold water on him was enough to jolt him awake and he finally opened his eyes.
  • When he saw Yao Yuhai staring at him, the bodyguard’s first instinct was to apologize for underestimating Han Jingru, which resulted in the current situation. If the father-son pair were harmed in any manner, he would have failed in his duty as their bodyguard.
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