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Chapter 1094 Only I Can Save Him

  • “Dad, are they here?” Yao Hanxing asked fearfully.
  • Yao Yuhai was initially shocked as well but didn’t feel like it was possible after thinking about it.
  • No matter how bold those people were, they would not dare to force their way in during broad daylight. Yao Yuhai was aware that given his status in Yan City, they would not display such insolence.
  • “Let’s go and take a look,” Yao Yuhai said to his bodyguard, an expert whom he had specially hired just to deal with that matter. The man was a retired member of the Special Forces and Yao Yuhai was confident of his fighting skills.
  • The bodyguard nodded and walked towards the door. Keeping on high alert, the man looked through the peephole and let down his guard after seeing that it was just a child.
  • “It’s a child,” the bodyguard told Yao Yuhai.
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