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Chapter 1088 In The Palm Of Its Hands

  • “I don’t care what you’re scheming. I’m ending your life today,” Han Jingru said dispassionately.
  • Knowing that divine punishment could not be used against the Qilin, he decided to change his strategy.
  • As an Alpha Stage fighter, he was nowhere as strong as the Qilin, but it was just as the creature had said. His anger could help him fight to his greatest potential. At that moment, his body was like a black hole, sucking in the energy from the heavens and the earth. He was not holding back as he did in his fight with the Emperor. He could not care less about the toll that it would take on his body.
  • Su Yimo and Han Xiang were already dead. There was nothing for him to live for.
  • I will avenge them no matter what it takes!
  • “Oh, yes! That’s it! Let out the beast within you, and become my medium to seal the heavens!” The Qilin sounded excited as he watched on.
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