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Chapter 1085 What People See Before They Die

  • “You little brat. Are you trying to use divine punishment on me? Is that all you’ve got?” the Qilin jeered. It turned out that Han Jingru was not as strong as it had feared. Hmph. How disappointing.
  • Its words were soul-crushing for Han Jingru. Obviously, the Qilin was unafraid of divine punishment, yet it was the only card that the man could play. If the familiar were to survive divine punishment, Han Jingru would face certain death.
  • “So you think you can survive divine punishment?”
  • Upon hearing that, the Qilin burst out in hysterical laughter. Clearly, Han Jingru had planned on ending its life with divine punishment.
  • This truly is hilarious.
  • “You’re not just a rude little brat. You’re a complete idiot! Hah... I have faced divine punishment before, and here I stand, alive and well. Divine punishment means nothing to me!” the Qilin sneered arrogantly.
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