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Chapter 1080 Higher Realm

  • Almost everyone thought this was just an erratic weather pattern. When the sun shone again in Yun City, no one paid any more attention to what had happened earlier. Only Fei Lingsheng, who was in the Pinnacle Stage, felt something amiss.
  • The dark clouds that had appeared earlier gave her a strong sense of oppression. That was definitely not a natural cause.
  • “What’s wrong?” Noticing the solemn expression on the woman’s face, Huang Xiaoyong asked curiously.
  • “What happened earlier wasn’t something that simple. It might have something to do with your Master,” she replied.
  • “My Master?” Huang Xiaoyong was confused. How can the change in weather have something to do with my Master? Can he possibly control the weather?
  • After a short while, Han Jingru returned to Fei Lingsheng’s home.
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