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Chapter 107 Him

  • “Grandpa, look at how cocky he is! Do you think he will lose?” Tian Shuirou looked at Han Jingru’s back and she was just feeling complicated.
  • She couldn’t stand Han Jingru’s conceit and didn’t want him to win. But if he were to lose, Tian Shuirou couldn’t accept her fate of marrying Luo Xiyao either.
  • Tian Jingle simply sighed. He didn’t know where Han Jingru got such confidence from but the man could almost see the way he flies out from the ring.
  • An arrogant man like that must come from a wealthy family. And most probably he had never been through any hardships, that’s why he could be so arrogant. He didn’t respect the might from his opponent at all. Probably he would learn his lesson after he was defeated.
  • “Shuirou, I don’t think we can depend on him. But grandpa will think of something else.” Tian Jingle said anxiously. He had never expected such a serious consequence from a simple match.
  • Tian Shuirou had a desolate expression as well. If her grandpa were to go back on his words, it would definitely bring shame to him. Luo Bin would definitely advertise this aggressively and the entire Tian family would be humiliated.
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