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Chapter 1067 Fury Of The Emperor

  • Han Jingru knew Zhantai Liuyue asked the question with the intention to check his abilities. Hence, he didn’t hide anything and answered without hesitation. “How dare he kidnapped my sister! He should have prepared to die. Therefore, I killed him.”
  • Zhantai Liuyue suddenly trembled and nearly lost her footing.
  • “I have killed him!” Han Jingru actually killed a Pinnacle Master while the way he said was as though it was impartial for him to do so.
  • “By the way, he didn’t even have a chance to resist,” Han Jingru continued saying.
  • Zhantai Liuyue was breathing more rapidly.
  • Zhantai Liuyue thought that there would be a fiery yet earth-shattering battle against a fighter like Yi Qingshan. None of the Pinnacle Masters had been involved in the long battle amongst The Three Nations. This was due to the fact that they were just too strong. A lot of innocent people would be harmed and countless cities would be ruined once these Pinnacle Masters engaged in the battle.
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