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Chapter 1060 The Puppet Of The Pinnacle Master

  • Fei Lingsheng has to please others?
  • She would have become a laughing stock if this news were spread.
  • As the first fighter of the Imperial Court, Fei Lingsheng didn’t have to please others. Even the Emperor was wary of her due to her well-respected status.
  • However, turning a blind eye to the truth didn’t mean that it’d become false rumors.
  • Fei Lingsheng was indeed trying to win Han Jingru over. She had to find a way to stay by Han Jingru because she was determined to acquire more Holy Chestnut.
  • She had a perfect opportunity to gain Han Jingru’s trust. However, the chance had slipped through her fingertips due to her hesitant attitude.
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