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Chapter 105 Help

  • It was the easiest and most effective way to handle a problem with fist. Unfortunately, not every problem could be settled like that. All in all, the Tian family was still the most powerful and influential family in Yun city. If they wanted to rely on their violence to bring down such a family, it was just impossible.
  • After Han Jingru left Mojo nightclub, he went to Tian Jingle’s Jingle Dojo.
  • As the family Leader of the Tian family, Tian Jingle delegated all of his company matters to his sons and daughters. The man retired and completely focused all of his time and effort in Budo. Not only that, he even went to the Shaolin Temple and trained for some time. However, he did not pass the requirements to be a disciple of Shaolin and he came back.
  • In Tian Jingle eyes, the society was an arena of mankind. And if it was an arena, they must have people that practice martial arts. When the people are strong, the nation could be strong. It was truly valuable for someone as rich as Tian Jingle to be able to have such thinking.
  • In the dojo filled with sounds of Kiai (Short shout uttered when performing an attacking move).
  • There was a teenage girl around seventeen or eight following Tian Jingle around. She had a ponytail and she seemed to be vibrant.
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