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Chapter 1042 Death Is Upon Us

  • Fei Lingsheng would never compare to Han Jingru when it came to getting on other people’s nerves with words, and she dared not challenge him head-on. Thus, she decided to keep quiet and play along.
  • Han Jingru, on the other hand, felt that she deserved it. How dare she lie to me!
  • The Emperor’s trusted aide glanced at the two of them as he panicked on the inside.
  • Fei Lingsheng was a Pinnacle Master who even the Emperor dared not provoke, but Han Jingru did not seem to care. In fact, he kept taking jabs at her, which seemed a little unusual.
  • The trusted aide furrowed his brows. Was Han Jingru so strong that even Fei Lingsheng dared not challenge him?
  • I have to tell the Emperor about this!
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