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Chapter 1039 You Cannot Kill Me

  • Zhantai Liuyue was about to go crazy from panic when the Emperor finally appeared.
  • “Master Han, you’re younger than I thought. Despite that, your power seems to be on par with Fei Lingsheng, am I right?” the Emperor said with an evil grin.
  • He had been boasting about his power to Han Jingru, but the latter did not seem intimidated by it at all.
  • Han Jingru grinned. Instead of answering the Emperor’s question directly, he said, “Your Majesty, there’s something I need your permission for.”
  • “I didn’t bat an eyelid even after you killed my subordinates from the Imperial Court. Aren’t you taking things a bit too far now?” the Emperor asked in a cold tone.
  • “I think you’ll be happy to hear about my request, Your Majesty,” Han Jingru said. “After all, I have nothing to gain from this. It’s all for the sake of Xenos’ prosperity.”
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