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Chapter 1035 Women And Trouble

  • Despite having only met Han Jingru once, Yi Qingshan had conducted a thorough research and knew pretty much everything about him in Longyun City.
  • He was well aware of Han Jingru’s efforts in finding Jiang Yingying, who turned out to be his younger sister.
  • Given how much he cares about her, he’d definitely give up the Holy Chestnut for her safety!
  • Later that night, Yi Qingshan concealed his presence and snuck out of the Dragon Emperor Palace.
  • As Fei Ling’er had her guard down around him, she didn’t even notice he was gone until she knocked on his door the next morning.
  • She realized something was amiss when she didn’t hear a respond and kicked the door open, only to find an empty bed in the room.
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