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Chapter 1028 Congratulations

  • Jingru Sect.
  • This was the day when the school officially opened and Han Jingru, the founder, finally appeared on Mount Phoenix.
  • The hundreds of disciples in the sect finally saw their Master and these children of poor families all looked at Han Jingru with admiration.
  • For them, although Han Jingru was young, he was the person who gave them the opportunity to change their destiny just like a god. At this moment, the disciples knelt on their knees, expressing their utmost respect for him.
  • Although Han Jingru was not used to having so many people bow on their knees to him, he did not stop them. After all, he was the Master and these people were all his disciples. It was only reasonable for them to worship him.
  • “Jingru, Piaomiao Sect is here,” Jiang Yingying walked up and informed him.
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