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Chapter 1014 Lives Of The Ordinary People

  • “Who exactly is this powerful Han Jingru? I have never heard of this person before,” the subordinate said in puzzlement. Normally, if there were any breakthroughs within the Imperial Court, then the Dragon Emperor Palace would be the first to receive such news. However, in Han Jingru’s case, he appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden.
  • The Emperor was troubled over this matter, but he knew that it was pointless to pursue it. Right now, it was their utmost priority to deal with the issue of Han Jingru establishing his own sect. And even if Han Jingru couldn’t be stopped, then the Emperor had to think of a way to minimize the threat towards himself.
  • The best solution was to make Han Jingru an ally. He might even have to provide Han Jingru a certain amount of resources to help him to establish his own sect.
  • However, Han Jingru did not step foot into the Dragon Emperor Palace. Hence, the Emperor couldn’t find a reason to be involved with Han Jingru. After all, if the Emperor were to help Han Jingru for no reason at all, then it would arouse speculation and disquiet, among others.
  • “Your Majesty, the woman in Xia Nation who suddenly appeared is now in Mount Jingwu. However, she has put the Xia Nation’s fighters in a tight spot,” the subordinate continued.
  • The Emperor knew everything that was happening in Mount Jingwu because he had been following the incident closely. In just a few days, the woman with the child had already made a name for herself, and almost everyone in Xia Nation had heard of her. Moreover, she had a similarity with Han Jingru. Both of them had appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden.
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