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Chapter 1009 Leaving Fengshang City

  • “Of course I do!” Yi Qingshan said sternly. However, his confidence deflated almost immediately. “However, if you’re going to make me put my life on the line for this information, then I must turn you down. You must know how difficult it is to get to the Pinnacle Stage—now that I’ve reached it, I must treasure my life more than ever.”
  • “I won’t lie to you—I’m scared of death. I wouldn’t have come to the Imperial Court to seek refuge otherwise.”
  • Hearing this, Fei Ling’er heaved a disappointed sigh. She could understand Yi Qingshan’s worries—she, too, knew that it was best to avoid this sort of life-and-death situation. Besides, now that she had reached the Pinnacle Stage, she didn’t really want to risk her life anymore. However, this question had been bugging her for ages, and she couldn’t rest until she had found out the truth.
  • “Oh, I have an idea!” Yi Qingshan said, smiling deviously. Turning to Fei Ling’er, he said, “Why don’t you make him go with you?”
  • Han Jingru?
  • Fei Ling’er knitted her brows into a frown. Not everyone had the right to read the scriptures—it held all the secrets of Xenos. If Han Jingru was truly from the Ether Realm, like they suspected, it might not be such a good idea to let him know about Xenos’s secrets.
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