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Chapter 3 New companion

  • Ace's pov
  • I have trying to figure out where the sound was coming from but couldn't get exactly where . i walked around shouting “anybody there?!!”. i couldn't hear the scream any more, But I was very sure someone was in danger.
  • i decided to go back home and change my outfit. I was walking back home when I saw a car. I opened the door and checked it. all I could find was some weed and alcohol and some snacks, I neither liked drinking nor smoking so I left them. I found the picture of a beautiful girl. I took it and kept it in my pocket.
  • I continued moving back to my house.I was getting closer to my house when I saw something lying on the floor close to the house, it looked like a human I wasn't sure yet.
  • I increased my pace and went up to it. It was a human,A young woman. “who is she and how did she get here” i thought staring at her. she was trying to say something but I couldn't hear her.
  • I picked her up and took her inside,I laid her on my bed and she fell asleep. I checked her and it seems she had hit her head on something cause it was swollen and she was also bleeding.
  • I stared at her and realised she was the girl in the pics I picked up from the car earlier.
  • “what am I supposed to do now?” I asked myself.“ maybe I should go over to Mr Derek's place he should have something useful.
  • I took one more look at her and then went out closed the door and starting going to Mr Derek's place.
  • i came across the car again. “This is definitely her car” I thought as I stared at the magnificent beauty. it was a Mercedes Benz G class. “How could she afford this?” I thought.
  • “she is definitely from a rich family or gets paid well where she works ”i said to myself. “I better go get her something to relieve her pain as soon as possible” I thought and continued heading to Mr Derek place.
  • This is my first time going there and i really hoped its not far from here.I followed Mr Derek instructions by just following the muddy road.
  • I walked for about five minutes but all I could see was trees and an endless road,I was tired but still continued anyways.
  • I walked for three minutes more and saw a house surrounded by wooden fence. I opened the small wooden gate and went in, I went to the house entrance and knocked.
  • „Mr Derek? ” i knocked on the door. “anyone here” I asked as I continued knocking.
  • The door opened and a young boy came out, “is Mr Derek in?” I asked and he turned back and yelled “grandpa someone is here to see you!!”.
  • “Wait here”, The boy said and slammed the door. Mr Derek soon came out. “Nice to see you Mr Ace how can I be of help?”, he asked and stretched his hand out for a handshake.
  • we shook hands and he sat on a steel chair. “Do you have any drugs I could use, I feel weak and weary” I lied.
  • “sure I have some drugs you could use ” he said and went back in. He came out and handed me some drugs.
  • I turned to leave but he called me back, “ Mr Ace are you sure that's all you need?” he asked and I nodded yes.
  • “But I could use some ice if only you had some” I said, “well luckily we do have some” he said and went back in,he came out and handed me some ice in a white bag.
  • I took them and quickly made my way back to my place .
  • I got home and I entered and went up to her,I placed the ice bag on her head and she opened her eyes a little bit, she looked beautiful just lying there I was Holden the ice to her swollen head.
  • She opened her eyes and looked at me weirdly. I stoped what I was doing and sat back.
  • she sat up slowly. “are you ok” i asked and she just stared at me. “you need to take some pills” I said and handed her some drugs and water. she took the pills and took them drinking some water.
  • “who are you ?” “why are you here ?” “are you here alone?” I asked her many questions at once but didn't get any reply.
  • “sorry my bad, you should relax a bit” I said and stood up to go out. “Thanks”, she said with a low voice. I looked at her as she lay back and closed her eyes to get some sleep.
  • I went out of the house and started going back to her car I went in and tried to start it but it didn't work, I think its the battery.
  • I came out of the car and opened the bonnet. I checked the batteries and one of the wire was disconnected. I connected it back and just like that the car started and I drove it and parked it somewhere safer.
  • I have spent up to twenty minutes outside and I think she should have rest enough by then.
  • I went back in and found her sitting on the bed staring at the house. “who are you and why are you here?” I asked.
  • “Am hungry can you please get my snacks for me in my car?” she said ignoring my questions.
  • “Sure” I said and went back to her car and got her the snacks, she ate them slowly and was staring at me.
  • “Have you seen my friends” she asked, “friends?” “so you are not here alone” i asked. “yes,am here with three of my friends. we were chased by a wolve when we ran into different directions.
  • “I ran until I triped and fell and was unconscious, I have to find my friends and get out if this place as soon as possible” she said and continued eating.
  • “who is this girl” I thought in my mind..