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Chapter 63

  • Chapter Sixty Three
  • Ruiz clenched his teeth tight battling the rage the memory provoked. “But she didn’t know all she was doing was urging him on. The louder you cried, the longer you begged the more Carlos got off on it. We all knew he was going to do it—hurt that little girl. Jorge and Cesar tried to talk him out of it, but the bastard was stuck on carrying through. My eyes just filled with red spots as I listened to the begging and crying…”
  • “Ruiz…”
  • “The moment he placed her on the floor, I was seeing red—actual blood red color and nothing else. I’m not even sure what happened, what I did, how I did it…but when I came to, Carlos was on the floor, his face bloodied and smashed in and I was standing over him. I looked around and I was the only one left in the house, Cesar and Jorge were gone. Diana and her daughter were huddled up in a corner. Then the cops busted in and I was arrested. I found out later I’d killed him with my bare hands. It explained all the broken bones up to my wrists…but I felt no pain until the next day. All I could think about the entire time I was in was that Diana was ready to do anything for her child and my mother never once asked why I wasn’t home for weeks at a time, just why I was back and when I was leaving again.”
  • “Ruiz.” Melody’s voice hitched as she pressed her cheek into his shoulder.
  • “How come you went to juvie? You were seventeen almost eighteen and had committed murder,” the shrink asked.
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