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Chapter 62

  • Chapter Sixty Two
  • It’s not your fault.
  • You did what you had to.
  • You were just protecting your family.
  • That’s what everyone kept telling him—his family, his friends, the police. He understood them, knew what they were saying, but it still didn’t stop the guilt from consuming him. They moved back to the United States immediately Ruiz was cleared and the police had started a case against Angelo with the papers Anthony had kept concerning his business. Although, being in their new home next to Reno’s didn’t help relieve the guilt. The parties that were thrown almost every weekend didn’t help. He hoped renewing his vows with Melody in the presence of friends and family would be his fresh start. Unfortunately, the image of Anthony going through the window still plagued him. And celebrating new life with the birth of baby Cora only reminded him of the life he took.
  • That was until Ruiz finally caved and agreed to see a shrink—the same one Allan, Riana, Reno and Loraine went to after their traumas. Now they were back there—Matthew and Amy included—because of what Ruiz had done. He did both single and couple sessions with Melody. She had been so supportive, so patient with him, he’d begun to think he didn’t deserve her. Except, she saw the signs and kept him from pulling away. And for a week the whole family was invited to join in the sessions. They spoke about that night to great detail, all telling how they remembered it, how they felt and despite what he’d done, Ruiz remained blameless in their eyes.
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