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Chapter 58

  • Chapter Fifty Eight
  • “No,” the guys responded in unison.
  • Loraine rolled her eyes. “And we as your wives are happy to hear that. But I was speaking to the ladies in the room—except Riana. Ruiz featuring in your fantasies would just be wrong on so many levels. He’s Zorro in mine. Mask, hat, cape and nothing else,” she finished with a wink at Ruiz.
  • Ruiz turned red as he stared at her wide eyed.
  • “Really, Loraine!” Riana rebuked.
  • “In mine he’s a soccer player with a mean samba. His hair as long as it is now and not jelled back, he’s shirtless with a rose between his teeth seducing me with his moves on the dance floor,” Amy said with a whimsical sigh before she quickly turned to her husband and said. “No offense. If it makes you feel better, I’ve fantasized about all of them, but never when we’re having sex.”
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