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Chapter 57

  • Chapter Fifty Seven
  • Scared wasn’t enough of a word to describe what Melody felt at that moment as Ruiz took her hand and led her out of the children’s room, closing the door behind them. Just when Ruiz turned her to face him, the main door flew open and Allan came through like a raging bull, Reno and Matthew hot on his heels. He paced the living room, cursing and throwing his fist in the air.
  • “Allan, you need to calm down,” Reno implored calmly. Allan responded by yanking his jacket off and throwing it across the room. It landed on the dining table.
  • “Where is Riana?” he bellowed.
  • “Here, I have her,” Amy responded coming through the door with a shell shocked Riana in her arms. Loraine brought up the rear, locking the door behind her.
  • “What’s going on?” Melody half yelled.
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